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Residential Customer

Over the years there are a couple of facts which come to the fore when it comes to customers ringing a pest control company.(a) is price and (b) is when can the job be done. Not necessarily in that order but these are always what people are most concerned with. Naturally some companies play on this vulnerability. They realise that because people are worried by the pest and want to get rid of it as soon as possible they are willing to pay a premium to have the problem dealt with. At Aabacus the first thing you will find is that our prices are the most competitive in the market place. Secondly we will be with you on the same day you make the call. We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Pests don't work office hours so therefore you need to know, if you have a problem at any time of the day or night that Aabacus will be there to help you out.


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Brown Rat

Also known as common or sewer rats. The life expectancy of a wild rat is approx 10-14 months. During this time a female can breed 5 to 7 times with litter sizes between 6 and 12 young each time. Breeding occurs all year round and it is possible for a breeding pair to be responsible for up to 800 young.

They are excellent climbers and are well known for their ability to swim very well. They tend to stay within a home range of about 15 to 30 metres but if there is a shortage of a regular food source they are prepared to travel up to 1km.

They are known to carry certain diseases such as Weils , Salmonella and rat bite fever. The bacteria can enter the body through cuts in the skin and also through contact with contaminated water.

Rats are primarily nocturnal but may be active during daylight hours when the population is high. They will eat nearly any type of food such as cereal, grains, meats, fish and nuts. Food items from household rubbish offer a balanced diet and usually satisfies their moisture needs. Rats have poor eyesight and depend on hearing and their excellent sense of smell.


From the very beginning the company was established with specific yet simple objectives in mind. These are:

  1. To use only fully qualified personnel
  2. To offer our clients the best value in pest control
  3. Same day service
  4. Discretion at all times
  5. Peace of mind for all our customers

Our dedication to these guidelines has managed to help us form a commercial client base we are proud to call our partners. Our reputation for excellence has also helped us gain an ever increasing number of residential clients who appreciate our discreet and flexible service with appointment times designed to fit in with their busy schedules. At Aabacus we will be committed to helping our clients.



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